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Have you ever wondered if you were using your social networking profile wisely? Or how you could improve them to enhance your career?

Jibber Jobber includes a complete set of videos and other tools designed to teach you how use to best use LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media sites to your advantage.

Anyone seeking employment knows that job hunting can be a job of its own.
Keep your job search organized and your contacts available.
Never miss an interview or appointment again, use Jibber Jobber to stay on top of it!

UVU Alumni are eligible to use Jibber Jobber, free!
Your Jibber Jobber account is accessed through our website, just click on the icon above to log in.
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Applicant Search

Looking for a new job or a new employee? Applicant Search is a cutting edge career and job matching service that will benefit you over your entire career.  To use the service, login at ApplicantSearch and create a comprehensive profile of your education, skills, experience and preferences.  After completing the one-hour assessment, you will receive an interesting and informative report based on the results of the assessment.

Employers may also login, post jobs, and search for individuals who match their specific jobs, based on the profile and results of the assessment.  The result is an efficient and accurate way for employers and potential employees to meet, knowing that they are not wasting each other's time and that the job and the employee are a good fit.

Alumni Mentoring

Login and find a mentor by using the Search link below. 

Alumni Relations : jeri.allphin@UVU.EDU | 801.863.8179 | ROOM AL-206 | 519 West 1200 South, Orem, UT
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