UVU Alumni Association

Who are considered UVU Alumni?

Membership in the Alumni Association includes all:

  1. Who attended the institution under any of its various incarnations (CUVS, UTTI, UTC, UVCC, UVSC, or UVU) and accumulated at least 24 credit hours.
  2. Who have served as faculty, adjunct faculty, staff or administration for at least 6 months.
  3. Donors or board members, who do not qualify otherwise, upon their request.

What is the UVU Alumni Association?

The UVU Alumni Association is a volunteer organization chartered under the Foundation Board, a Utah non-profit corporation. All officers and members of the board are elected and serve without financial remuneration. The board determines policy, reviews programs, provides feedback, suggestions and support to the university administration and directs the generated funds of the association.

What is UVU Alumni Relations?

The full-time staff of the Alumni Relations office is provided by the University. The Alumni Relations staff is charged with the responsibility of providing programs for the alumni in behalf of the University. Through board members, marketing efforts and other means, we try to establish an effective two-way communication between the alumni and the university.

What we do in Alumni Relations?

The following programs and activities are a few of those sponsored by the Alumni Association:

  • UVU Magazine: The key marketing piece of the Association and the University. Produced by University Marketing and funded by the Association, the magazine reports important campus news and events while relating stories about alumni, faculty and others.
  • Online Community: A social network online where alumni register their current contact information, find each other and share information about themselves with other alumni.
  • Websites: uvu.edu/alumni is the official university website where we list information about the association and the programs available to alumni. We also maintain uvualumni.org that is specifically for alumni to engage with the association by registering for events, career help, alumni card, diploma re-issue, etc.
  • Alumni Card: To keep alumni connected with the University, the Association offers an alumni card with discounts in affiliation with many campus departments (such as the Bookstore, Library and Athletics) as well as some local businesses.
  • Commencement: Graduates receive their primary introduction to the Association through events and gifts given to them during the week of Commencement. Outstanding Educators are also honored at each Convocation by the Alumni Board members.
  • Alumni Scholarships: The Association currently has three endowed scholarships which are awarded to children of alumni. Additional scholarships are awarded to the Student Alumni Board leaders and others as funds allow.
  • Homecoming: Alumni Awards are given during the annual Awards dinner along with other Homecoming activities such as reunions, breakfast, etc.
  • Student Alumni Board: A student leadership organization consisting of 15 students who organize programs and activities designed to connect students to alumni. They organize approximately 8-10 major events each year including "Giving of the Green" and networking events.
  • Chapters: The Association currently supports two chapters based on affinity. These include the Woodbury School of Business and the School of Computing and Technology.
  • Alumni Affinity Programs: Programs designed to provide benefits to alumni while raising operating funds for the Association. These include agreements with YTB Travel, Liberty Mutual, Applicant Search, Savings Connection, and Oak Hall.