It's Grrrrreat! UVU Wolverine License Plate

Utah Alumni! Show your UVU pride while supporting student scholarships!

Two Options:

  1. Make your $25.00 scholarship donation using the link above
  2. You'll be mailed a form from the Alumni Relations office verifying your donation
  3. Take the form and your vehicle information, along with a $15.00 payment to the Utah Tax Commission DMV
  4. Install your new plate and show your UVU pride!
  1. Sign up to attend one of our plate mounting events.
  2. Pay your $25.00 scholarship donation and $15.00 plate one-time plate fee using the link above
  3. Come to the Alumni Center on and have your plate installed by our happy service reps!
  4. Show your UVU pride!

Each year when you renew your license plates, you will give a $25 dollar donation to continue showing (off) the plates and helping our Student Alumni with student scholarships.

Want a personalized plate?  Go to the DMV site, see if your plate is available and order directly from the DMV.