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  • Every year as part of the Homecoming celebration, we honor volunteers who have made a difference at UVU and for UVU. Would you like to nominate a deserving individual? Be sure to read the description of the award below and complete the nomination form as completely as possible.
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    Outstanding Alumni Award

    Recognizes living alumni who have a distinguished record and service in their specialized area of endeavor, thus bringing honor and recognition to the university.

    2015-2016 Ken Brailsford
    2013-2014 Branden Miller
    2008-2009 Wilson Sorensen

    Distinguished Service Award

    Recognizes a living individual who has served to further the purposes and the mission of UVU through their affiliation with the University as an employee or volunteer. Their act of service should be recent (within 24 months) and profound in its effect upon the College.

    2015-2016 Keith and Melisa Nellesen
    2014-2015 Barbara Barrington Jones
    2013-2014 Martha Wilson
    2012-2013 Jerry Garrett
    2011-2012 Janette Hales Beckham
    2009-2010 David M. Carlson
    2008-2009 Steve Watts
    2006-2007 Jack and Holly Zenger
    2005-2006 Rick and Victoria Salisbury
    2004-2005 Don and Toni Sullivan
    2003 Reed and Christine Halladay
    2002 William Siddoway
    2001 Ed Pinegar
    2000 Dick Chappell
    1999 Judy Romesburg

    UVU Legacy Award

    Recognizes an alumnus/alumna or friend, living or deceased, whose contribution to UVU and/or the Alumni Association was above and beyond the call of duty. The recipient(s) of this award have gone the extra mile to contribute time, energy and/or money to UVU and/or the Alumni Association. Consideration of means for a possible endowed scholarship or donation should be a factor, but not a determinate.

    2015-2016 Marc and Debbie Bingham
    2014-2015 Joann Lossee
    2013-2014 Jim Cardall
    2012-2013 Roger Woolstenhulme
    2011-2012 Shirley and Monroe Paxman
    2009-2010 Tom and LeeAnn Powell
    2008-2009 Bill J and Margaret M. Pope
    2007-2008 Jeff Kahn
    2006-2007 B.J. Wright
    2005-2006 Carol Walker
    2004-2005 Nadine Gilmore
    2003 Wilford W. and Natalie E. Clyde
    2002 Dr. Blayne and Sandra Hirsche
    2001 Karin Swendsen
    2000 Jerry Conder
    1994 Don Taylor

    Alumni Pinnacle Award

    Recognizes an alumnus/alumna who has helped contribute to and/or has furthered the purpose and the mission of the UVU Alumni Association. This award should be given to someone who has helped in the growth of the UVU Alumni Association by contributions of time, energy and/or money.

    2015-2016 Curtis Morley
    2014-2015 TJ Fund
    2013-2014 Patrick Milligan
    2012-2013 Jared Stewart
    2011-2012 Mary M. Robinson
    2009-2010 Adam J. Robertson
    2008-2009 Brian F. Wall
    2007-2008 Tom Heal
    2006-2007 Noelle Pikus-Pace
    2005-2006 Laurie Bott
    2003 Barbara A. Smith
    2002 David Halladay
    2001 Jeri Allphin
    2000 Heidi Hastings
    1999 Dave Adams

    Wilson Sorensen Lifetime Achievement Award

    Recognizes an individual who has continually served throughout their life to further the purposes and the mission of UVU through their affiliation with the University as an employee, past or present, who has made a significant contribution. This award should be given to someone who has dedicated themselves throughout their life to the growth and advancement of UVU.

    2015-2016 Steve Teeter
    2014-2015 KD Taylor
    2013-2014 LaVar Rockwood
    2012-2013 Michael Falgoust
    2011-2012 Bonnie G. Henrie
    2009-2010 F. Dennis Farnsworth
    2008-2009 Steve Gardner
    2006-2007 Dr. Lucille Stoddard
    2005-2006 Don Black
    2004-2005 Robert H. Blackwell
    2003 Thomas M. Hover
    2002 Kerry and Judy Romesburg
    2001 Ann Richardsen
    2000 Florence B. Ragan

    Young Alumni Award

    Recognizes a recent graduate of UVU who has continued to support the University in a profound and substantive manner. This award should be given to an individual who has continued to contribute their time, energy and/or money to help support the University even after graduation.

    2015-2016 Mark and Britnee Johnston
    2014-2015 Clint Pulver
    2013-2014 Amie Huntsman
    2012-2013 Allyson Searle
    2008-2009 Jay Fugal
    2006-2007 Tamara Jensen
    2005-2006 John Eagleston
    2003 Matthew Kennedy
    2002 Bruce Gunther
    2001 Andra Green
    2000 Baron Rohbock
    1999 Steve Beck

    Distinguished Student Service Award

    Recognizes a UVU student who has notably given of him/herself to enhance the quality of campus life and the student experience. This award should be given to someone who has helped improve student experiences and campus life.

    2015-2016 Zack Dearing
    2014-2015 Zac Trujillo
    2013-2014 Alejandro Perez
    2012-2013 Zach Lyman
    2008-2009 Todd Fugal
    2007-2008 Andrew Stone
    2005-2006 Markham Hyde
    2003 David Ssejinja
    2002 Kate Dunster
    2001 Melissa Galbraith
    2000 April Crawford