Why should I order my UVU License Plate?

  • Sustain our proud collegiate license plate tradition
  • Provide scholarships for deserving UVU students
  • Reserved parking on campus for vehicles with UVU license plates (parking permit also required)
  • License plates are available for all fans of UVU!

Cost to Order

$40, which includes a one-time $15 special plate fee and annual $25 donation to the UVU scholarship fund
Note: An annual $25 donation will be included in your yearly vehicle registration in following years.

How to Order

  1. ONLINE: Complete the form using information from your vehicle registration and pay your $25 donation to student scholarships. You can pick up your plates from the Alumni Relations office or pay a small shipping fee to have them mailed to your home. 
  2. AT THE DMV: Request specialized plates for Utah Valley University. You will be charged a one-time $15 special plate fee in addition to the $25 annual scholarship donation.
  3. AT THE DEALERSHIP: When purchasing a car ask the dealership to check “other” in Section 4 of the Vehicle Application for Utah Title and fill in the blank line with “Utah Valley University.” All Utah car dealerships have the ability to request UVU plates for a buyer.

Frequently Asked Questions