UVU Alumni Benefits

The Alumni Association is excited to offer benefits and discounts for members of the UVU Alumni Association. In addition to a variety of benefits associated with the UVU Alumni Membership Card, we are pleased to offer discounts from Dental Benefits, Nationwide, UCCU, Brent Brown Toyota, and SAVVI.
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Membership is free and available to the following:

  1. Graduates of UVU or any of its various incarnations (CUVS, UTTI, UTC, UVCC, UVSC, or UVU).
  2. Previous students who attended the institution under any of its various incarnations and accumulated at least 24 credit hours.
  3. Current students who have accumulated at least 24 credit hours.
  4. Those who have served as faculty, adjunct faculty, staff or administration for at least 6 months.
  5. Donors or board members, who do not qualify otherwise, upon their request.

Alumni Association Partners:

Logo: lowercase letters dbp - Lime green capital text: DENTAL BENEFIT PROGRAM

Logo: Blue capital letter N with outline of flying eagle - Black text: Nationwide is on your side

Logo: Blue and green swooshes which together make the shape of the letter C - Black text: Utah Community Credit Union

Black capital text: BRENT BROWN - new line with Red capital text: TOYOTA * SCION - Picture: Profile of right side of man in black suit with white shirt bending over backwards

Logo: blue capital letter S with left and right parentheses, all on diagonal - blue vertical line - Blue capital text: SAVVI

Logo: bright green square block with dark grey

Mountain America Credit Union